Woodburn Bible Church "Serving the Lord Since 1838"
Woodburn Bible Church"Serving the Lord Since 1838"


    November 12, 1981 - Women's Fellowship celebrated their 100th year with a film and salad luncheon.

    April 15, 1984 - An ordination service was held for Dick Clark, a member of the congregation. Dick, his wife, Glenna and their three children began attending Woodburn Congregational Church in 1975 while he was a student at Brookes Bible Institute. Three years ago he and his family moved to Kansas City, Missouri to attend Calvary Bible College. He graduated from there in 1983. Since then Dick and his family have been preparing for their calling into the mission field. These preparations included being accepted by Mid-America Missions and passing his ordination examination. As the Clark's home church, we were pleased to perform the official ordination.

    At 3:00 P.M. the congregation, friends and relatives of the Clarks gathered to be a part of the Clarks' ministry. Rev. Jerry Patch from Victory Baptist in Florissant, Mo. gave the charge to the church. Rev. Roy Carter of Blessed Hope Church in St. Louis gave the charge to Dick Clark. Rev. Fahnestock called for the laying on of hands by the two ministers and the deacons of the church. A fellowship immediately followed in the church basement.

    May 22, 1988 — A special meeting, led by the deacons and trustees, was held to determine whether or not to call a full time pastor. After much discussion a vote was taken. The vote was unanimous to call LeRoy Fahnestock to a full time pastoral position at the Woodburn Congregational church. This is the first time since 1925 that we have had a full time pastor.

    Jon Sander began attending Woodburn Congregational Church in 1994 with his wife, Shiela.  After being mentored by Pastor LeRoy for several years, Jon began attending Bible College in 2001.  The congregation showed their support for Jon's desire to serve the Lord by paying for his entire Bible College tuition.  He graduated from Calvary Bible College in 2005 and was ordained shortly thereafter.  He served as Assistant Pastor from 2005-2008.  He became the pastor of Wooburn Bible Church in 2008 after Pastor LeRoy retired.



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