Woodburn Bible Church "Serving the Lord Since 1838"
Woodburn Bible Church"Serving the Lord Since 1838"

Book and photo are from the collection of Ellen Huckelbridge Baker (1858-1946)

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Reverent C. Slater

That's the way it is spelled on the picture.

I am asumming this is Rev. Charles Slater.

Pastor of the church from June 1, 1875 to July 1, 1879.


Manual of the Congregational Church of Woodburn, ILL. A.D. 1899

Front Cover 

The book measures 3.7/8 in x 5.7/8 in.

Title Page


Page 4, 5

Pages 6, 7

Pages 8, 9

Pages 10, 11

Pages 12, 13

Page 14, 15

Page 16

Note: Rev. C. Slater


From a 1866 Baker Family Bible.

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