Woodburn Bible Church "Serving the Lord Since 1838"
Woodburn Bible Church"Serving the Lord Since 1838"

March 25, 1903 — The 65th anniversary of the founding of theWoodburn, Illinois Congregational Church was celebrated. At the morning services Rev. N. P. McQuarrie of East St. Louis preached the service. Mrs. Susan Tompkins, the only living charter member, was present. In the afternoon, Dr. N. G. Frost was chosen chairman. After opening exercises, participated in by Rev. H. H. Young, pastor of the M.E. church, the roll was called. Those present (forty-four in all) responded, and greetings from six of the fifty-nine absent ones were read by the pastor, Rev. J. Franklin Parsons. One of these, Miss Susan G. Hayton, was 97 years old last November. Mrs. Beach prepared a narrative of church history, which was read in response to her name.

After several years without a resident pastor, the parsonage was sold on June 23, 1934 and the proceeds were put into bonds.

From 1929-1939 the church was served by student ministers sent out from Shurtleff College, Alton, Illinois. 1938 was the Centennial Year. It was celebrated with a series of special services beginning March 23 with former pastors and Dr. Giersback, District Director as speakers. There was more celebration with a homecoming program on the first Sunday in September. Former pastors, Rev. O. Talbot and Rev. J. F. Parsons were the speakers.

December 29, 1938 ~ Construction began on the basement of the church. This work was completed by spring and the whole building was redecorated.

Some of the later church history was destroyed when fire destroyed the home of Mrs. Belle Partridge, the clerk.

March 25, 1956 - The 118th anniversary of the church was celebrated, with a special program and birthday offering. On April 15, the Philathea Class expressed their desire to add to the birthday offering and start a building fund. Thus the fund began and by the end of the year, with additional help from members and organizations of the church, the fund had reached $1,000.

March 1958 - 120th anniversary; a special program and impressive gifts for the building fund.

December 27, 1959 - A committee was chosen for planning additional rooms on the church but in 1960 extensive damage to the church as the result of a storm brought about a new problem. On June 19, 1960 the vote was taken to build a new church.

March 25, 1962 ~ 124th anniversary and the ground breaking for the new church with special services. In April, 1962 the basement of the new building was started. Both men and women of the church helped where possible.

October 6, 1963 -- The first worship service and communion was held in the new church. On October 13, 1963 dedication services for the new church building were held under the direction of Rev. C. M. Miller. In the morning Rev. O. Talbott of St. Louis was guest speaker. In the afternoon Rev. Miller was assisted by two Area Congregational ministers, and Rev. James R. Smucker, Conference minister delivered the dedication sermon.

November 2, 1963 -- The bell was removed safely from the old church and taken to the Hardison farm, until a belfry can be built for it near the church. The women's fellowship is sponsoring the belfry fund.



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